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2021 – 2026

Back in August 2016, Sophia told me how much time Earth has remaining in 3D, with this actual society/civilization.

We have at the best until August 2026. 5 to 10 years She said, so start in August 2021.

Things will change drastically by 2024-2026. I hope to see full alien disclosure, and the so-called Nibiru/Planet X will be fully visible in the skies. So, deny all this will be impossible, and this is already a great change in humanity and society.

What to do until there? Work on yourselves… chakras, kundalini, energy, spirituality, meditations… this is what will decide your path. Will be a material path? Yes, if you choose it. Will be a positive spiritual path? Yes… depends only of yourself.

Jesus will not come to save anyone… neither Sophia will save you all. Only your energy will decide your destiny. If you a sincere person in a positive spiritual path, well, things will be amazing to you.

Now if you are with jesus in your head thinking he will show in the clouds to save you… well… good luck with it. You will only get disappointed.

Jesus is nothing today… I prefer not to think about him. He make persons stupid and blind, I don’t have time to him. I only think in him when I want others to see how idiot he was, and how useless he is to us today.

Barbelo’s Prophecies coming true

The following videos about this subject are these:

This blog is almost abandoned, I know. But this is because I am focusing on Youtube, in the channel. But the most important things I will write here.

The videos themselves explain all that you need to know about how Barbelo was very accurate back in May 2018 about the Earth’s axis being altered by 2020.

Thanks for all persons who like to know about my contact with these wonderful Aeons. Few persons, I know, but I am not interested in being famous or popular. All my life I was a more quiet and reserved person, and I like it. I don’t plan to change it.

Have a nice week you all who are reading it now.